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I am looking for a new home for our dog babies. They have beautiful, very original, rare and unique coloring. White-black-gold.With beautiful drawing. Bolognes are a very loving, friendly breed, with high intelligence and small growth. Therapeutic Dogs - Parents work as canisterapeuticians. Also suitable for small children, seniors and sick people. Anti-allergic, non-lethal coat. They bark very rarely. Small increase. Father - 3 kg kg, mother 4 kg. Parents are pure bark beetles with PP, of high quality CHS. Russian breeders line of mini dogs. Mimi is fully socialized, taught in the toilet. She graduated from a full veterinary examination, vaccinated and dewormed in accordance with veterinary regulations and issued an international vaccination certificate. It will receive the EU - Pass, purchase contract, start - up package for the first days, toys. Our breeding is official, reported to the State Veterinary Administration. We offten go to Germany - so thats why I decided to post our offer there. More info and photos -

Profit goes to our organisation - Avalone z.s.- prevention of burn injuries.

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